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May 2022
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Established over 25 years ago to meet the increasing demands of clients who needed support with cross border transactions and disputes within the EU, Law Europe (as it then was) created a network of reliable and trusted law firms throughout Europe.

Today, the network is able to offer clients a personal, cost-effective and partner-led service provided by over 800 locally qualified lawyers.

The increasingly international activities of member firm clients led Law Europe to seek members around the world, and to reflect this, the name of the network changed to LEInternational (LEI).

From the outset, LEI has remained a strong, closely-knit group of law firms that has provided real benefits to its members and their clients when they have required high quality and responsive legal assistance in a foreign jurisdiction.

Working together, LEI members have gained substantial experience in many sectors and industries, including cross-border dispute resolution, international contracts, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, intellectual property and employment law. This background puts LEI in a strong position to advise and assist clients in these areas from a risk management perspective – and risk assessment and mitigation are core for achieving success in almost all cross-border business transactions.

Clients that have benefited from LEI’s members’ cross-border connections range from individuals to small, medium and large corporations. The close working relationships that exist between members, together with the cost-effectiveness of the services provided by them, are key factors that make LEI unique.

However, in today’s ever-evolving global business environment, it is important to identify and anticipate change. Therefore, to meet the emerging needs of members and their clients, LEI has recently agreed a new strategy to take it to the next stage of its development.

First, LEI is strengthening its representation within Europe by identifying – and then filling – gaps in its coverage. It is essential to have appropriate geographic, technical and sector coverage in each jurisdiction to ensure that clients have at their disposal a fully supported global service.

In addition, as the clients of member firms develop globally, we have developed processes to access a reliable and trusted network of legal professionals located in the major business centres and emerging markets around the globe.